Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Believe it or not this day has flown by. Maybe it's because I have to leave at 3:30 to go check on one of our workers in another office. Anyway, the dress I'm wearing today is probably the most comfortable dress that I own. I saw someone wearing it on another blog, and I immediately went to ebay and bid on one. It's a wrap style, and I'm a huge sucker for anything with a leafy pattern. I love it so much that when I went to a CAbi outlet in NJ I bought the same exact dress (for $23!!!) just in case something happens to this one. Seriously, I can be a nut. I might end up selling the second one on ebay.

The necklace and ring are also quite special to me. The ring was bought when I was in Milwaukee in October of 2008 for some testing. It was at this thrift store (I think it was called Downtown Thrift or something; the place is pretty famous around Milwaukee). I saw it and I thought well, I'll try it on and hopefully it won't fit. But obviously it did fit, and it's lovely. The stone is a NY Mystic Topaz (I think) and it's flanked by 3 tiny diamonds on each side. The "K" necklace is my most recent gift from my friend's Ireland visit, so of course that has meaning to me as well.

Sidenote-Do my pictures look blurry to anyone else? I know the first few I posted were blurry, but I though the rest looked alright. D tells me otherwise. Let me know!

Dress: CAbi via Ebay (around $50, 2009)
Gray tank: Target ($10, years ago)
Black shoes: What's What by Aerosoles via 6pm (around $30, 2008)

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