Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sorry about the 2 day lapse in pictures. I worked from home on Tues. and Wed. because of everything that happened this weekend. I guess I just needed to pull myself together. Perhaps I needed another day, because I feel horrible in this outfit. The waistband of the skirt seems to make the shirt stick out and I feel rather large and frumpy in it. It's just too hot to wear spanx under everything...I do like the colors though, and the shoes are great.

I'm also being a downer as of late because I feel like I emailed quite a few fellow fashion bloggers that I greatly admire, and only a couple got back to me. But don't get me wrong, if you're reading this I greatly greatly appreciate it, since this blog is very much in it's infancy. I just thought that in 2 weeks I would hear back from a few more people.

The necklace is from etsy, and I love it. I have become rather fascinated with mosaic turquoise, so I now have earrings, this necklace, and a matching bracelet using the stone/bead. But don't worry-I don't wear them all at the same time.

Everything but the shoes and jewelry: Old Navy
Shoes: (I have a new addiction to this site)
Necklace: Etsy (the seller is RedChair)

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