Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm sorry for my lapse in writing. I didn't do anything exciting over the weekend and then Monday when I woke up I had severe back pain so I stayed in bed the whole day. I'm new to this whole "back pain" thing and man does it suck. I'm only 26! Then Tuesday I went into work and had on a great outfit, but I wasn't able to get a picture of it.

So today I had a whole different outfit picked out but I decided I wanted to be as comfortable as possible so I went for all knit fabrics. I'm not thrilled with how it turned out (since I don't normally change what I'm wearing in the morning; I do it the night before) but I am definitely comfortable.

Also, that black cutout was laundry. Not haunted laundry though. Oh Dane Cook, how you have changed...

This is the first time I've worn these shoes. I went to 3 DSWs looking for them (and I even had my friend look in a VA one for me). They're called "Wenndy" (yes, 2 n's) from Steve Madden. The thing is, according to the internet, they don't exist. I think DSW gets shoes in and then changes the style name so if you want to try and find them elsewhere you can't. For instance, I have silver flower flip flops from Guess. Well, they were called one thing at the DSW, and then I found them online under a different style name. It's annoying! But back to the shoes at hand. They're a silver snakeskin pattern and I love them. Steve Madden runs small (I usually wear an 8.5 and I have to wear a 9 or 9.5 with SM) and I reeeaaaalllly wanted these flats, so I'm happy the last DSW I went to had one pair in my size. Of course they're not on DSW's site either.

Update: Of course they're on the website now. Here you go.

My ring is a QVC outlet purchase. That has a story too (of course!) So D and I were in Rehoboth until Sunday, and QVC was going to have a huge sale starting Wednesday. So my mom told me to pick out anything I wanted and she would go back for me and get it for me (assuming they didn't sell out of what I wanted). So, I picked out 2 rings and a pair of sandals. Originally, the ring that I have on was $130 (because it's platinum and 18K gold). My mom went back and got it for an extra 60% off. Granted that's still around $60, but I love it's simplicity and I can wear it with gold or silver. So far I've worn it almost every day. I'll tell you about the sandals and the 2nd ring another day :)

Blue cardigan: Old Navy
Gray shirt: Gap Outlet ($4.99, July 2009)
White tank: Old Navy
Brown pants: Old Navy
Brown belt: I have no idea (it was years ago)
Silver snakeskin shoes: Steve Madden via DSW ($45, June 2009)
Bracelet, necklace, and earrings: Lia Sophia via Ebay
Ring: QVC Outlet (July 2009)

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Lorena said...

I love your "belted" looks... I always try them in front of the mirror and take the belt off while walking to the door.. your pics tell me I have to keep on trying :) because they look superb!