Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy Monday all! Ugh :)

D actually picked out this dress on our way home from Rehoboth Beach. We made one final stop at the outlets off of Route 50 and this dress was on sale at the Gap Outlet. I know that horizontal stripes aren't usually good, but I've also heard that if the stripes are smaller than the width of your knuckle, then it's ok to wear them. But either way, I like this dress. It's quite comfortable.

Can you see my gold chunky bracelet? One day I'm going to take detailed pictures of it. It's got these cute designs with owls and cardinals and tree branches going all the way around. But the thing that amuses me the most is when you look at the inside of the bracelet, each piece is numbered so when they were putting it together it would be in the right order. I have another bracelet that is just like this one in silver (with a different design) and it isn't numbered. Go figure.

The shoes were an impulse buy earlier this year. I thought the dress looked vaguely nautical so I wanted to wear my seashell sandals. Plus, I don't get to wear these sandals very often. Can you see how ridiculous my tan looks? Only the tops of my feet got burnt. And a patch on the side of my knee. But you can't see that in these pictures :)

Another reason I wanted to be comfortable today is because I'm meeting up with a different girl right after work tonight and we're going to paint ceramics. I have high hopes, because it seems like we have a lot in common and I find it very easy to talk to her. So, wish me luck!

Dress: Gap Outlet ($31.99, July 2009)
Belt: Off of a dress from Ann Taylor Loft (2008)
Shoes: Nine West via GothamCityShoes. com (2009)
Chunky bracelet: Target ($24.99, May 2009)
Tiger's eye necklace: Ann Taylor (December 2007)
Diamond heart anklet: Gifted from mom (March 2009)

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Dustin said...

Saying that you look stunning in this dress would be a massive understatement. Then again, you could sport a dress made from crawfish and look amazing.