Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My grandmother told me it was going to be "cooler" today. 94 as opposed to 96 does not equal cooler, in my opinion.

I chose this dress because of what V wore on 8/5. I actually have the same dress as her, but I opted for this one because I couldn't be a total copycat :) I wish I could get away without wearing a tank top under all wrap dresses, but that is just not meant to happen.

The brown ring is yet another one that I admired at the QVC outlet but I bought mine on ebay. This one particular jewelry seller must think I have a problem :) But it was under $20 w/free shipping! Also, as you can see, I finally got some closeups of the bird bracelet. I <3 it.

Tonight I'm meeting up at a Cafe with N (I've decided to graduate from "a friend" to initials. yay!)

Dress: CAbi via Ebay ($50ish, 2009)
Tank top: Target (college years)
Shoes: Unlisted via DSW (years ago)
Brown ring: QVC via Ebay (<$20, August 2009)
Chunky bracelet: Target ($24.99, July 2009)

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