Wednesday, August 26, 2009

waiting for autumn

I really can't wait until the weather gets cooler. I'll miss my open-toe flats, but it will definitely be worth it. :)

I'm going out to see the movie Adam tonight, and I'm taking the metro into DC so I wanted something that wouldn't be too hot. Also, these shoes are very comfortable to walk long distances in.

Both the ring and the bracelet have a story. It goes like this.

I searched for "green quartz" rings on ebay quite some time ago, and ended up winning this ring for a whopping $2 plus s+h. Nothing too insane. Well then I was in Kohl's browsing their jewerely section when I came across the same exact ring. For $300. On sale. Seriously!

About 4 years ago I was out shopping with my mom and we came across this bracelet (at Macy's) that we both loved. We were all set to spend about full price on these bracelets (crazy, I know) when we did what we both do best, and that was convince ourselves out of them. So we went on our merry way without the overpriced bracelets. Flash forward to Christmas of 2007 with my mom up here visiting and doing our holiday shopping. We were wandering around the jewelry clearance section and what do I come across? The bracelet we both loved. Unfortunately there was only one left, and I told my mom that we could send it back and forth so we both got to wear it. So far it's stayed in my jewelry box. :)

The end!

Black cardigan: Target ($8, May 2009)
Floral top: Ann Taylor Loft (2007)
Gray trouser jeans: NY & Co ($25, 2008)
Black strappy wedges: BC footwear via DSW (<$30, 2007)
Green malachite necklace: Thrifted ($6?, 2009)
"K" initial necklace: Gifted (2009)
Green bracelet: Macy's ($12, 2007)
Green quartz ring: Ebay (<$10, 2007)

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