Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Whistling Sailors...

Yeah, I feel like a sailor today with this tie-neck shirt. It's short in length because I accidentally stuck it in the dryer once...so I really should just part with it. But I love the color. I also had a different pair of shoes planned for today, but I decided to wear my new loafers that I just got in the mail. Which leads me to.....

My shoe ban. I have a shoe problem. I love them, I love buying them, I love admiring them. This even extends to buying shoes for D! And as a result, I have too many. One day I'll take pictures of the boxes upon boxes that are piled up in various places. So from now on, for every pair of shoes that I buy (which I am also trying to cut down on) I will donate/sell a pair. So last night I had to get rid of two pairs of shoes, since I had to get these same loafers in black as well. Le sigh.

So I am new to this brand, Softspots. I was in DSW with a friend looking for work shoes for her, and she was trying on all of these loafers. So I saw a pair that had this great cushioning on the inside-Softspots. They were amazing! And they were over $60, so I said my goodbyes and vowed to look for them online. Well, the very next day 6pm was practically giving away Softspot shoes. So I ordered two pairs and here we are. Unfortunately, the pair I tried on at DSW fit at a 9, but the ones I ordered are a little slippy in the heel. But it's nothing a few foot petals can't fix. For a better view of these shoes go here.

Also, as a special surprise, we have a picture of what D is wearing today. I love this outfit. :)

On me:
Maroon top: Ann Taylor Loft ($20, 2008)
Cream tank: Target (ages ago)
Brown pants: Old Navy ($10, 2008)
Brown loafers: Softspots via 6pm ($24.95!!, August 2009)

On D:
Blue shirt: George (ages ago-PreK *grin*)
Striped brown pants: Old Navy (gifted from me, 2008)
Gorgeous brown shoes: Jump via 6pm (gifted from me, 2009)

Yesterday's pictures came out horrible, mostly because someone was actually standing in my office while they were being taken so I felt I couldn't really pose for them. And my outfit was boooooring. Although it did become a little more exciting when I ripped the button off of the pants on accident. I mean, the whole center of the button is no longer there. Whoopsies. I'm not sure how to fix that....
Purple top: Old Navy ($6, July 2009)
White tank: Old Navy (2008)
Black pants: Ann Taylor Loft ($20, 2008)
Sandals: Chadwick's ($10, 2007)
Chunky neckace and black bracelets: Ann Taylor Loft (2008/ages ago)

And finally, a picture of the red velvet cheesecake that I have finally tried after many failed trips to the cheesecake factory (consensus-good but not my favorite). :)

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