Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the boy who could explode (matthew good)

The week has hardly begun and I'm already super stressed. Work problems, friend problems, car problems. Just give me one at a time already! Anyway, yesterday was car problem with a dash of work problem day so no picture.

This is my first time wearing this shirt, which I have in 4 colors (groan, I know). I saw it on the ATL website and thought that there was no way I'd pay $36.50 for it, and then it went on a special for $14.50 and I'm so glad I got them. It's amusing to me because now it's at some "real value" special for $24.50 and I'm all "that's no value!" but then again, maybe some people missed the special. I'd say it was a big hit because there are only a couple colors left and very few sizes. I wish I had bought it in black, even though I'm trying to stick with more colorful pieces.

Also, the flash totally made it see through. I've been trying to decide if I should post it for all of the interweb to see, and clearly I decided to. But I promise it does not look like that in person, unless I enter a flashbulb ceremony or something. Which I won't.

These pants are a ponte knit and I've worn them many times, but I love how they stretch and feel so nice. They are a little heavier than regular knit pants, but they're definitely more comfortable. I wish Old Navy would have made them in more colors. Also, these are "long" pants, and I can wear flats with them. I can't do that with their current selection of "long" pants. Grrrrr.

The marcasite ring (and the earrings that you can't really see) are some of my pieces from the Marc & Pearl line. My mom loved the ring so much we got it for her for as a christmas gift last year. I loved it so much I bought it a size smaller to wear on my ring finger. Then I lost it. I have no idea where it is and it drives me nuts! The white diamond ring was a great christmas gift from D last year, and the black diamond ring was a splurge I made back in 2007. Lastly, the bracelet. I love it because everyone compliments it and thinks it's real. It's not; it's Lia Sophia and I spent months hunting it down on ebay. My grandmother got one for christmas and although it's way too big for her wrist, she wouldn't let me buy it off of her. So I had to find my own. :)

Top: Ann Taylor Loft ($14.50, September 2009)
Pants: Old Navy (2008)
Silver flats: Steve Madden via DSW ($45, July 2009)
Necklace, marcasite ring, marcasite earrings: Marc & Pearl (2008)
Black diamond ring: Overstock (2007)
Promise ring: Gifted (December 2008)
Bracelet: Lia Sophia via Ebay ($25ish, 2008)

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