Tuesday, September 15, 2009

carrying bottled skies around

So my beach trip went well. The motel was pretty sleazy, but that's what you get when you pay $61 a night. Friday we went to the boardwalk and bought some pizza, Saturday we went to the beach in the morning and then out to Phillips Seafood for dinner (amazing fried oysters) and an irish bar for drinks. Sunday was spent at the rehoboth outlets, where I did NOT buy shoes, amazingly enough. Then we ate at the original Dogfish Head restaurant, which was very exciting for me because I am a huge fan of their MD location. Monday we went back to the beach before we had to checkout, then we did some mini-golfing with the dinosaurs (I made 2 hole-in-ones!!) and then we went to the Sonic in Salisbury and I ate an amazingly greasy sandwich with bacon egg and cheese....Now I'm taking a break from my mountain of work.

As far as my outfits go, I wore the same jewelry and shoes every day. And for some reason I decided to pack a bunch of long dresses, which worked out fine. What I wore Friday turned out to be so comfortable I wanted to wear it for the drive home. And I always get compliments on this brown CAbi dress when I wear it. I had my mom hem it about 2.5 inches because it hit me at an odd part of my calves and now I love it even more. I think I'm going to wear a green shirt under it next time. Also, it has pockets so how could I not love it?


Dress: Lane Bryant (full price, June 2009)
Shoes: Target ($14.99, 2009)


Black cardigan: Target ($8, May 2009)
Maroon maxi dress: Target ($24.99, July 2009)
Black belt: NY & Co ($11, June 2009)
Shoes: Target ($14.99, 2009)


Brown dress: CAbi ($25ish, July 2009)
White shirt: Ann Taylor Loft ($20?, 2009)
Brown sandals: Ann Taylor Loft ($15, 2008)
Belt: NY & Co ($11, July 2009)
Snake bracelet: Target ($24.99, July 2009)
Turquoise earrings: Urban Accents in Milwaukee (around $32 for the necklace and earrings, May 2009)

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