Tuesday, September 8, 2009

i keep my secrets safe...(saosin)

I'm thinking this is the last time I'll wear this dress before fall and winter come around. I wish I could think of a way to rework it, but I don't like how it looks with any of the jackets I have, and wearing leggings/tights/jeggins!? would look off, in my opinion. Plus, blue + white seem to be nautical summer colors...or so they tell me.

Speaking of jackets...I was in Target with D yesterday and I came across this lovely peacoat in a beautiful warm brown color. I feel like the sizing is very small (even in their largest size) but I love it soso much....Of course D thinks it fits me fine...Decisions decisions...What do you all think?

Back to the outfit-At least I'm wearing different shoes from last time. These are a pair that I bought at the outlets back in July. They're Etienne Aigner and I got them for a wonderful price of $20 (no tax!) And, they're a size 8, which I don't normally wear. :)

I must confess, I was bad this weekend. I bought two pairs of boots (one black, one brown, of course) from 6pm. But they were only $20 each! And yes, I did get rid of two more pairs of shoes to honor my shoe ban...Also, my ebay stuff sold for over $75 so I'm pretty thrilled about that. Only one pair of boots didn't sell, so I'm going to sell them to the consignment store.

Yay for it being a Tuesday!

Striped dress: Gap Outlet ($31.99, July 2009)
Brown sandals: Shoe Closet ($20, July 2009)
Brown belt: Taken off an Ann Taylor Loft Dress
Necklace: Ann Taylor (I forget...)

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