Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I know you don't like mirrors...(idlewild)

No head shot today because I look like someone punched me in the face (in other words, rather puffy and tired).

This used to be one of my favorite shirts and while I still love it, I definitely don't wear it as much as I used to.

I've also never worn these pants before. They are a bit too big in the waist and I'm always pulling them up. For whatever reason the "sweetheart" cut at Old Navy is too big in my waist...

The shoes look very red in the closer shots but in person they match the maroon color on my top. 'Cause I like to match, not just go (sorry Stacy and Clinton). Also, I love to sit and stare at these shoes. I think they are adorable.

The necklace and earrings are part of my great finds from Wisconsin. We all went into a little boutique with extremely overpriced clothing that I couldn't even dream of fitting into, and I came across this lovely necklace and earrings set. The only downside is the necklace is very heavy so I try to wear it on cooler days so my neck doesn't overheat :)

Lastly, who can go wrong with a $4 ring? I love it.

Top: Ann Taylor Loft (2007)
Black jeans: Old Navy ($20ish?, 2008)
Shoes: Naturalizer via DSW (<$30, 2009)
Large silver ring: Charlotte Russe Outlet ($4, September 2009)
Marcasite ring: Lia Sophia via Ebay (2008)
Black onyx necklace and earrings: Boutique in Milwaukee ($35ish, May 2009)

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