Wednesday, September 9, 2009

i thought you were sleeping...

Long day, comfy outfit, same old same old. Except I've never worn this green shirt or the shoes.

And the shoes, let me tell you. I love them. Have you ever bought something and loved it so much you were afraid to wear it? Maybe I'm just crazy, but that would be these shoes for me. The colors are just perfection-lovely fall blocks of color. And I love the detailing around the top. *le sigh* So of course when I got to work today it was raining and nasty and I was seriously considering running in to the building barefoot to save the shoes, but they made it through alright. :)

White cardigan: Target ($8.49, February 13, 2008-I actually looked it up online because I'm a giant nerd)
Green shirt: Ann Taylor Loft Outlet ($6, May 2009)
Brown pants: Old Navy ($25, June 2009)
Shoes: Lovely People via PiperLime ($50, June 2009)

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Dustin said...

You didn't mention the lipstick but I guess it's not a clothing item. It is, however, gorgeous (on top of an already beautiful and well-put-together woman).

That pic of me from about 18 posts ago is horrific, HaHa. Reminds me of this feller.