Tuesday, September 1, 2009

is it really only tuesday?

Man, I am having some serious problems rolling out of bed these days. I just keep telling myself-the upcoming Monday is a holiday. It also marks 3 years of my living here. Scary, yes.

I felt good about this outfit until I saw the pictures. I sort of feel like the cream color on the shoes doesn't go with the herringbone on the pants. But oh well. It's almost my first cardigan wearing day. :) I'm going to make it look like fall, even if it's 80 degrees out!

I think I might stop watermarking my pictures. I don't expect this blog to get a lot of traffic, and I can't imagine why someone would want to take the photos and use them elsewhere. Decisions decisions....

Black cardigan: NY & Co ($20ish, 2008)
Coral cowl top: Ann Taylor Loft ($20, 2008)
Gray herringbone pants: NY & Co ($20ish, 2008)
Black belt: NY & Co (2009)
Shoes: Moda via DSW ($25ish, 2009)

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