Wednesday, September 30, 2009

a silent army in the trees (matthew good)

This shirt is another one of my most recent outlet buys. It's incredibly soft and comfortable, and I've been wanting a shirt with a foldover neck. I will admit I spent way too much money in Ann Taylor's outlet store. It's odd because their regular stores (including The Loft) stopped carrying the upper size ranges in-store (I think they go up to a 14 now, and if they have stocks of XL it's probably one one or two items) but I had no problem finding all sizes at the outlet. Not to mention I normally don't have very much luck at the AT outlet.

I actually didn't realize that almost my whole outfit is Ann Taylored. Also, today is the first day I've worn boots this season, so I can now officially say goodbye to summer (yay!) I chose these boots because I consider them to be the first pair of business boots that I bought once I willingly became a corporate drone, and I have worn out the tips more than once on them.

I decided to include a pic of D today because this is one of my favorite outfits on him. The pants have a great pattern, and his shirt has a different pattern that I think mixes well.

Top: Ann Taylor Outlet ($27, September 2009)
Gray pants lovingly hemmed by my mom: Ann Taylor Loft ($20, 2008)
Black boots: Ann Taylor Loft ($45ish, 2007)
Long necklace: H+M ($7.95, September 2009)

Shirt: Old Navy ($10, Summer 2009)
Pants: Old Navy (gifted from me, Christmas 2008)
Shoes: Kenneth Cole via 6pm (gifted from me, Summer 2009)
Goofy look: Patented and priceless

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