Tuesday, October 20, 2009

every end has a start (the editors)

Hey all,

Sorry I missed out on yesterday. I was home sick.

I had a great outfit picked out too. And guess what? It wasn't this one. When I thought I would wear it today I just didn't feel like putting on a dress and boots.

So I guess I'm on a pants kick. I've gained a few pounds over the past couple of months and whenever I would try something on for an outfit (pants-wise) I would get incredibly depressed because they just didn't fit and I'd feel like I couldn't breathe. So as you can tell from my past posts, I've found some great pants at Kohls. Well, now I found another great pair from NY & Co. So let me tell you a story. About 2 years ago I bought some knit dress pants from NY& Co, and I loved them to death. I wore them so much that I created a tear where the tab pulled closed, and the zipper quit zipping (the zipper and closure were more for show I think, because you could pull them on, but I still wore them out). It seems that NY & Co has brought a version of these pants back to us. They're calling them the York Avenue pants, and they're a stiffer fabric, but I love them. Plus, the particular pair I have on today is charcoal gray, which I have been looking for everywhere (now I just need to find a khaki gray color) and I can't tell you how comfortable they are. Not to mention-there isn't a tab closure or a zipper. You just pull them on and you're set! Plus, they have a wide waistband, which I seem to have a harder time finding, and I love the way I feel in them.

So, new pants, old sweater, and I'm feeling alright today.

Purple sweater: Macy's ($25ish, December 2008)
Gray pants: NY & Co ($17, October 2009)
Black boots: Bandolino via Ebay ($10, 2008)
Necklace: Ann Taylor Outlet ($24.99, July 2009)

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