Wednesday, November 11, 2009

i'll be your garage band king...(something corporate)

Sometimes I'm really slow to figure things out. Take this morning as an example. I was driving to work, noticing that there was little to no traffic. I hit almost all of the lights at the right time and there were far fewer people driving like idiots. So I thought it was because I left a little earlier than normal. An hour into work it hits me: Veteran's Day. Most people have off! But not me, lovely readers, not me.

So this is a dress that I bought back in April and it was actually not on sale (but I had a coupon). I just loved the shape and the way it fit me when I tried it on. Then it stayed in my closet, hanging and forgotten. Also, I flipped the belt around when I got to work so that the pointy edges are at the top. I think it was backwards before :)

On a side note, Lane Bryant is having their friends and family 25% off sale, and you can combine it with their $25 off $75 (and all of the other increments) discount. I'm going to be broke through the new year. :)

It's November and I'm wearing a dress without tights/leggings/etc...And I didn't bring a jacket. And I'm not cold. I love this weather.

Leaf print dress: Ann Taylor Loft ($43, April 2009)
Black lace tank: Old Navy (2009)
Red belt: NY & Co ($16, November 2009)
Boots: Ann Taylor Loft ($56, December 2008)
Necklace and earrings: Lia Sophia via Ebay (2009)

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