Monday, November 30, 2009

so vanity's got this new gun that she wants to try on you...(dead poetic)

How about a story that has nothing to do with clothes? D was looking through my numerous unmarked burnt cds for a copy of The Wrens-Meadowlands. He picked up a possible copy and popped it into the player, only to find it was some screaming sad saps (and I wasn't around). He probably made it through less than two tracks, was sufficiently traumatized, and told me about the whole thing. So this morning I took the same cd and listened to it, since I was curious to hear what had prompted his reaction. I guess when it's old Hawthorne Heights, Dead Poetic, Stavesacre, and Underoath there is reason to be traumatized. The thing is, all of the cds in my car are at least 5 years old. Can I use that as a defense? Maybe? Please? Although thinking about it, I'm not sure my musical tastes have evolved into anything better, necessarily. :)

Now back to clothes. I'm expecting some great packages in the mail today. I did order a couple of the boots I was looking at last week, and I can't wait to see how they fit.

Cardigan: Target ($20, June 2009)
Red top: Ann Taylor Loft ($20, November 2009)
Black pants: NY & Co ($20, October 2009)
Boots: VanEli via DSW ($30, October 2009)

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