Tuesday, November 17, 2009

today is an off day

I feel completely disoriented and out of it today. I slept very poorly last night, so I slept for a few extra hours this morning and went in late to work. Now I feel like I'm off by a little with everything I'm doing. In fact, I don't feel like today's picture even looks like me.

As I was attempting to sleep last night I remembered buying these cute red shoes at the outlets in NJ back in May and I decided to wear them (I was going to wear my trusty black flats). I love pairing pieces of red. Then I ignored my grandmother telling me how chilly it was outside and left without a coat. When I got outside I thought "man, this isn't bad..it feels like it's in the 70's"...Upon checking my car thermometer it was 56 degrees. Like I said, I'm off today.

I didn't get a detailed shot of it, but my watch is new. It's my first order from diamondshark.com and I'm pretty impressed so far. It's much bigger than my old watch, but I think I'll get used to it.

Floral top: Ann Taylor Loft Outlet ($19.99, May 2009)
Red tank: Target (2007)
Black pants: Old Navy (2008)
Red flats: Nine West Outlet ($30ish, May 2009)
Necklace: H+M ($8ish, October 2009)

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