Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I made a wish with lucky denver mint...(jimmy eat world)

I've got to tell you dear readers, I'm feeling pretty awesome in this outfit. I feel very professional and pulled together. It's funny how feeling good about an outfit can change the way your day starts out. Now I just have to get through the other 7 hours of the workday :)

This dress has been on my list of things to wear but I couldn't figure out what I wanted to put under or over it because it's sleeveless. Since I'm trying not to wear cardigans all day every day I opted for a thin colored shirt to go under the dress and add some variation. Also, I never ever thought I would wear booties with a dress because I thought they would look too much like witch shoes. But I have to say I love the way these look. And it's all thanks to you glorious bloggers.

Did anyone else get snow? It's so beautiful until it gets all dirty and mucky. Having lived in FL for so long must have made me extra giddy about snow or something.

Dress: Lane Bryant ($40ish, 2009)
Purple top: Target ($10, 2009)
Tights: Spanx via TJ Maxx ($16, 2009)
Booties: Easy Spirit via 6pm.com ($34, December 2009)
Belt: NY & Co ($13, 2009)

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Kasmira said...

You look fabulous! That dress is great on you and I like your decision to wear a brightly colored, long sleeved tee underneath.

I don't usually think of booties as "witch shoes," but I like it!