Thursday, December 24, 2009

it has been a crazy week

Well guys, I wasn't planning on having a hiatus. I'm in Florida until 12/28 and I planned on updating the blog, but that didn't go like I planned it to due to our horrendous journey to get to FL. But first, my clothes.

The first shot is from our crazy northern snowstorm on Saturday afternoon. I had on my Old Navy Jacket ($56) with an eternity scarf from Dillards ($6!) and some flannel pj's (aerie) with some boots (avon, $45). We've estimated that there was at least 18 inches of snow. Other places got 26 inches!

The second shot is what I wore on the plane. I wanted to be comfortable, so here's how that worked for me:

Moto jacket: NY & Co (B1G1 50% off $32, October 2009)
Top: Kohl's ($14ish, October 2009)
Jeans: Gap Outlet Long & Lean ($35, July 2009)
Scarf: From a Gap dress
Shoes: Nine West Outlet ($20, July 2009)

So I need to vent about getting to FL. First, I was able to change our flight from Saturday to Monday morning with no extra fee, which was fantastic. Then I booked the three of us a shuttle to get to the airport since both my car and D's car have been acting up. We get up at 4am on Monday morning to find out our flight has been delayed. Alright, no big deal. So we're waiting outside for the shuttle (which was supposed to arrive between 5:55 and 6:10am). 6:15 comes around and the shuttle still isn't at the house. So D calls to find out what's going on. Turns out they've canceled everyone in the suburbs, so they're not coming to get us. So we decide to take my car, which has been acting up for the past week or so. Acting up how you ask? Well, the gas pedal stops working from time to time, and there are various lights that keep fading in and out even when they're not in use (like the emergency brake light and the battery light). But we figured it would get us to the airport. Wroooong. The gas pedal stops working about 10 min. into our drive but D is able to get the car started again. We make it about 3 miles from the airport (keep in mind we're on I-95 at this point) and the gas pedal stops working again. So D pulls over on a tiny piece of shoulder (we're surrounded by snow) and tries to turn the car off and back on again. Nothing happens. He tried a few more times, but nothing happened. So we're stuck in 20 degree weather on the side of I-95, cars whizzing by us, and my 90 year old grandmother is wheezing in the backseat. So I call AAA and ask if a towtruck can come get us. In a very short amount of time the towtruck shows up, but it can only bring two people in the truck. So AAA calls a cab for us. Well, an hour later the cab still hasn't arrived, and the AAA sends out another tow truck to pick us up so we can follow the first tow truck to the maintenance shop. Meanwhile, it's about 8:45am, and our flight is delayed until 10:20am. We get to the maintenance shop and they say they can't look at the car, but the woman working the front desk is willing to take us to the airport so we can try to make our flight. Things are looking up, right? Well, we get to the airport and the line to check in outside is about 45 people deep. The inside is even worse. So D goes and finds a wheelchair for my grandmother, which puts us into some sort of priority line, and we're able to make it to our flight in time and my parents can now relax.

Meanwhile, I've been in contact with the car shop and they said it was just the alternator (which I just had replaced about a month ago). Turns out they put it in wrong and the whole thing burnt up, which was causing electrical shortages and that's why the car wouldn't start again. So hopefully, when we get back into BWI, things will be alright with the car.

I still can't believe we made it. *sigh* It's been a stressful trip down, but beautiful otherwise.

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Lesa said...

have a wonderful holiday in my home state!