Monday, November 30, 2009

so vanity's got this new gun that she wants to try on you...(dead poetic)

How about a story that has nothing to do with clothes? D was looking through my numerous unmarked burnt cds for a copy of The Wrens-Meadowlands. He picked up a possible copy and popped it into the player, only to find it was some screaming sad saps (and I wasn't around). He probably made it through less than two tracks, was sufficiently traumatized, and told me about the whole thing. So this morning I took the same cd and listened to it, since I was curious to hear what had prompted his reaction. I guess when it's old Hawthorne Heights, Dead Poetic, Stavesacre, and Underoath there is reason to be traumatized. The thing is, all of the cds in my car are at least 5 years old. Can I use that as a defense? Maybe? Please? Although thinking about it, I'm not sure my musical tastes have evolved into anything better, necessarily. :)

Now back to clothes. I'm expecting some great packages in the mail today. I did order a couple of the boots I was looking at last week, and I can't wait to see how they fit.

Cardigan: Target ($20, June 2009)
Red top: Ann Taylor Loft ($20, November 2009)
Black pants: NY & Co ($20, October 2009)
Boots: VanEli via DSW ($30, October 2009)

Friday, November 27, 2009

back on track.

Sorry for my lack of updates yet again. I was out sick Wed. and decided to skip updating on Thursday. It's been a rough couple of days.

My week of wearing dresses was a flop, since I opted for jeans today. I also changed my nail polish, this time to a matte black. I think it doesn't look goth or costumey because of the lack of shininess, although I am not opposed to regular black nail polish during any time of the year. As I've mentioned, I absolutely hate sitting around waiting for my nails to dry and I can't tell you how quickly this stuff dries. I actually threw on a coat at work today (bad, I know but I think I'm the only one in this side of the building) and I was typing within 5 min. with no problem.

In other news, today's shoe sales may be the death of me. I told myself no more shopping for myself (especially on black friday) but there are some boots on sale that I'm drooling over. Interested? Or how about these? Or these? Gagh.

Speaking of boots, you know the VanEli ones (I have them on now) that I rave about? Well, I was in DSW about a week or two ago and I was browsing the clearance section when I saw the one color I don't own, brown, for $46! But I was overcome with sadness when I realized they were a size 8 1/2 (and I needed a 9). But then my eye caught that beautiful letter W, for wide width, and when I tried them on they totally fit! Also, I know they technically have a gray color out there in this style, but I'm not interested because it looks exactly like the black pair to me. If it were a lighter gray I'd be on the hunt. :)

Gray cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft ($33, January 2008)
Purple ruffle top: TJ Maxx or Ross (2008)
Jeans: Gap Long & Lean via Ebay ($25, 2009)
Boots: VanEli via DSW ($30, October 2009)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

you'll change your mind come Monday...(jimmy eat world)

It's going to be a rough day, and I don't have much to say about it. I belted the dress because without a belt I looked like a pregnant peasant. I prefer just regular peasant, thanks.

I took a closeup not so you could see my chest region (can we consider that an added bonus or something?) but so you could see that I took the time to paint my nails last night. I always want to paint my nails about 15 min. before I go to bed, which makes for some nasty looking nail polish the next morning. Anyway, my favorite OPI color (metro chic) now comes in matte, and this is what it looks like. It actually dries really quickly and it didn't smudge while I was sleeping.

Coat: Old Navy ($55, November 2009)
Dress: NY & Co ($25, September 2009)
Belt: NY & Co ($11, September 2009)
Tights: Spanx via Ebay ($16.99, November 2009)
Scarf: Ann Taylor Loft (2009)
Boots: Ann Taylor Loft ($56, December 2009)
Short necklace: Ann Taylor Loft ($10, 2009)
Long necklace: H+M ($7.95, September 2009)

Monday, November 23, 2009

it's easy feeling righteous when removed...(jimmy eat world)

Sorry for my non-updating on Friday. My photo man was off in DC with his sister and I wasn't feeling very photogenic anyway.

I have a dentist appointment today so I wanted to wear something comfortable and easy. Ugh I hate going to dentists/doctors/anything insurance related. While I was trying on easy-to-wear dresses last night and settling on this one I also managed to plan out another 2 days of what to wear for the work week, so I guess that's an added plus.

Recognize these boots? They're the same ones I have in black, but I've never actually worn the brown ones until today.

Yellow cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft ($30, 2009)
Green dress: Old Navy ($25, November 2009)
Brown boots: Ann Taylor Loft ($56, December 2008)
Necklace: Charlotte Russe ($6ish, September 2009)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

it's like I got a new pair of shoes!

So I went to the shoe repair shop for the third time last night in hopes that the boots they stretched for me would finally fit, and they did. So I feel like I got a new pair of boots even though I really didn't. It's funny because all of the reviews for this particular style said that the calves were wider than normal and that's the main reason I bought them. I don't think my calves are especially big, but I couldn't get the zipper closed for the last 3 inches of the boot! So of course I'm wearing the them today. They're super comfy so far.

Dress: CAbi via Ebay ($46, 2009)
Tank: Old Navy (2009)
Boots: Arturo Chiang "Peach" via ($86, 2009)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

there's a light up ahead...(further seems forever)

I have had these pants for quite some time and I think I've only worn them once or twice. Now that I have photographic evidence of what I look like in them I think I will add these to the ebay pile. They wrinkle very easily, and I don't feel like they're very flattering.

The top, I adore. It's a great color and very soft and comfortable.

I'm considering renaming this blog "pictures in my office". :)

Top: Ann Taylor Loft ($14.50, November 2009)
Pants: Old Navy (2008)
Boots: Bandolino via Ebay ($10, 2008)
Scarf: Ann Taylor Loft (2009)
Necklace: Ann Taylor Loft via Ebay (2008)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

today is an off day

I feel completely disoriented and out of it today. I slept very poorly last night, so I slept for a few extra hours this morning and went in late to work. Now I feel like I'm off by a little with everything I'm doing. In fact, I don't feel like today's picture even looks like me.

As I was attempting to sleep last night I remembered buying these cute red shoes at the outlets in NJ back in May and I decided to wear them (I was going to wear my trusty black flats). I love pairing pieces of red. Then I ignored my grandmother telling me how chilly it was outside and left without a coat. When I got outside I thought "man, this isn't feels like it's in the 70's"...Upon checking my car thermometer it was 56 degrees. Like I said, I'm off today.

I didn't get a detailed shot of it, but my watch is new. It's my first order from and I'm pretty impressed so far. It's much bigger than my old watch, but I think I'll get used to it.

Floral top: Ann Taylor Loft Outlet ($19.99, May 2009)
Red tank: Target (2007)
Black pants: Old Navy (2008)
Red flats: Nine West Outlet ($30ish, May 2009)
Necklace: H+M ($8ish, October 2009)

Monday, November 16, 2009

The same old pictures playing over again...

Friday Night



Well, you get more than the normal amount of pictures today because I actually impressed myself by getting dressed throughout the weekend :) As you can see, I lived in the boots.

Friday night we went and saw the Colin and Brad show, and it was everything I hoped it would be.

Saturday I ran a bunch of errands, Sunday was nothing special, and today I decided to give the boots a rest. I love this whole peacock trend, and this shirt was a steal on clearance at Target. I've had my eye on it for a while and I was glad that they had one left in my size. In fact I liked today's outfit so much you got two shots, one of which looks rather uneven :)

I would like to take a moment and talk about two things. One of which is the brand Bandolino. I love their boots. They fit my feet perfectly all the time, and I have gotten a lot of compliments on the particular pair I'm wearing today. The second thing I'd like to say is Happy Anniversary to D. :) That's it!

Friday night:
Cardigan: NY & Co ($20, 2008)
Blue dress: Gap ($22, November 2009)
Black slip: Lane Bryant (2009-from another dress)
Tights: Spanx via Ebay ($16.99, November 2009)
Scarf: Ann Taylor Loft (2009)
Belt: NY & Co ($16, November 2009)
Boots: Ann Taylor Loft ($56, December 2008)

Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft (2008)
Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft (2007)
Belt: NY & Co ($11, June 2009)
Boots: Ann Taylor Loft ($56, December 2008)

Cardigan: NY & Co-same as Friday ($20, 2008)
Peacock shirt: Target ($3.74, November 2009)
Gray pants: Ann Taylor Loft ($20, 2008)
Patent black boots: Bandolino via Ebay ($35, 2008)
Locket necklace: H+M ($9.95, October 2009)
Bracelet: NY & Co ($6, October 2009)

Friday, November 13, 2009

I know you won't believe me...

And, it's Friday!

I have been on the hunt for a navy sweater, and I found in at the Gap for less than $20. It's incredibly soft and comfortable and I'm debating getting it in red. Interested? Go here (and don't forget your extra 30% off). I decided to bust out the jungle fever shoes and top it with a scarf that I've been meaning to wear ever since I bought it.

This necklace is quite possibly the best thing to happen to me this month. I got it on etsy and I absolutely adore it.

Tonight D, myself, and a friend are going to see Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood (of Whose Line...fame) perform the Colin and Brad show. I am so excited. I've seen it twice so far and both times were hilarious.

Navy sweater: Gap ($15, November 2009)
Cream tank: Target (2007)
Gray pants: Old Navy ($25, June 2009)
Octopus necklace: Etsy ($20, November 2009)
Flats: Smart Bargains ($37, June 2009)
Yellow jacket: Ann Taylor Loft ($39, November 2008)
Scarf: Ann Taylor Loft (2009)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

the past presents the future. (her space holiday)

Good morning all,

This is another outfit that I feel doesn't photograph well. Or at least that's what I'm going to tell myself.

I love these tights from Spanx. They're reversible, so the other side is black with the same pattern, but instead of seeing skin through the pattern you see the gray from the other side. It's very attractive, in my opinion.

Also, I might start living in these boots. I know some people might not like flat pointy toe boots (arrrrg matey) but I do. And ever since they created a hole in my heel they've been super comfortable, which is awesome. But I do wear a giant band-aid where it rubbed just in case :)

Speaking of boots, Nine West (who I'm happy with again; I'm so fickle) is having a limited time sale on these beauties and if you pay with your visa card you can use the code NWSUMV9 for an additional $10 off of a $65 (or more) purchase. Add free shipping to it and that's a bargain!

Ok, I'm done shilling for companies that don't really know I exist.

Dress: NY & Co (May 2009)
Gray top: Old Navy (2007)
Tights: Spanx via Ebay ($16.99, November 2009)
Boots: Ann Taylor Loft ($56, December 2008)
Necklace: Ann Taylor Outlet ($24.99, July 2009)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

i'll be your garage band king...(something corporate)

Sometimes I'm really slow to figure things out. Take this morning as an example. I was driving to work, noticing that there was little to no traffic. I hit almost all of the lights at the right time and there were far fewer people driving like idiots. So I thought it was because I left a little earlier than normal. An hour into work it hits me: Veteran's Day. Most people have off! But not me, lovely readers, not me.

So this is a dress that I bought back in April and it was actually not on sale (but I had a coupon). I just loved the shape and the way it fit me when I tried it on. Then it stayed in my closet, hanging and forgotten. Also, I flipped the belt around when I got to work so that the pointy edges are at the top. I think it was backwards before :)

On a side note, Lane Bryant is having their friends and family 25% off sale, and you can combine it with their $25 off $75 (and all of the other increments) discount. I'm going to be broke through the new year. :)

It's November and I'm wearing a dress without tights/leggings/etc...And I didn't bring a jacket. And I'm not cold. I love this weather.

Leaf print dress: Ann Taylor Loft ($43, April 2009)
Black lace tank: Old Navy (2009)
Red belt: NY & Co ($16, November 2009)
Boots: Ann Taylor Loft ($56, December 2008)
Necklace and earrings: Lia Sophia via Ebay (2009)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yellow makes my day brighter...

I feel like I'm on a jewelry overload today. Big necklace, big bracelet, 4 rings..I usually tone it down a bit more.

Every time I wear this yellow jacket someone compliments me on it. I was reminiscing about a instance where I was moving swiftly through a store to get somewhere, and a woman reached out and grabbed the jacket while exclaiming "oh my GAWD I luuuv that jacket!" It made my day. :) This morning my coworker in the elevator gave me kudos for it, which made today a little easier to deal with.

I got the correct Nine West shoes in the mail yesterday and I wanted to wear them today so I based my outfit around them. :)

Yellow jacket: Ann Taylor Loft ($39, November 2008)
Purple petal tee: Ann Taylor Loft ($14.50, September 2009)
Yellow tank: Old Navy (2009)
Brown pants: Old Navy ($20, 2009)
Shoes: Nine West ($32, November 2009)
Necklace Liz Claiborne Outlet ($12.99, September 2009)
Big bracelet: Brighton via Ebay (2009)

Monday, November 9, 2009

blaspheme, blaspheyou, blasphe everybody in the roooom...(eddie izzard)

I was listening to Eddie Izzard on the way to work today and now I can't get some of his skits out of my head. I seem to want to call everyone I see today a bastard (emphasis on the a, of course) but I am refraining since I would like to keep this job. :)

Gray jacket: NY & Co (b1g1 50% off $32, October 2009)
Top: Kohl's ($14ish, October 2009)
Black pull on pants: NY & Co ($20, October 2009)
Scarf: Ann Taylor Loft ($10, 2008)
Boots: VanEli via DSW ($30, October 2009)
Necklace: Ebay ($10, 2009)

Friday, November 6, 2009

between past and present tense...

Oh Fridays, how I love you.

D is being very nice and accompanying me to the Nine West store near us. They shipped me the wrong pair of shoes so I'm going to return them, and I have 2 other pairs that I'm returning as well. I ordered these shoes a couple weeks ago, and then they went on sale for an even better price. So I reordered them and need to return the first pair.

I have to say I'm slightly annoyed at the customer service for Nine West. The woman I spoke to wasn't very sympathetic about their company sending the wrong shoes (am I wrong in thinking she should be?) and I'd be very annoyed if I wasn't already going to the store to return a previous purchase. Not to mention, she said that I could reorder the shoes at the store I return the wrong shoes at, and I asked if she could just order them for me and she said they didn't have any in stock in their warehouse. But I just looked online, and they have the shoe in the right size and color. So I don't know if she was looking at the wrong thing or what. She ended up connecting me to some store in Chicago that had them, and after saying my cc # and address to the woman no less than 6 times (with her repeating it aloud-identify theft much?) she finally sent my order out. So, fingers crossed.

Sorry about the ranting. I guess I'm just annoyed because I love Nine West shoes so much.

Have a great weekend!

Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft ($27, October 2009)
Pants: Kohl's ($28, October 2009)
Shoes: Nine West Outlet ($20, July 2009)
Necklace: Ann Taylor Loft ($10, 2008)
Belt: From a dress

Thursday, November 5, 2009

the boys are too refined...(the hush sound)

Last night I went to a giant thrift store with a friend of mine and I didn't have much luck. But, I found a suit jacket for work that I paid a whopping $3.99 for.

I had a review with my supervisor today so I wanted to look presentable. Enter my awesome suede boots. I don't think they photograph very well, but I love them regardless. So comfortable! Thankfully they're so expensive I won't even entertain the thought of getting them in another color. :)

Top: Ann Taylor Outlet ($30, September 2009)
Gray tank: Target (2006)
Black pants: Old Navy (2008)
Gray suede shoes of awesome: DSW ($64, October 2009)
Necklace and earrings: Lia Sophia via Ebay (2008)
Circle bracelet: NY & Co ($6, October 2009)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

all I wanted was you...(paramore)

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by work at the moment, so I'm going to keep this short.

I love the long pendant I have on here. I bought a gold one at H+M and when I was in Wisconsin I saw it in silver and knew I had to have it.

Also, I never would have thought to layer this shirt under a dress until reading all of the fabulous fashion blogs out there. Now D's favorite shirt can live on! :)

Black dress: Old Navy ($20, Summer 2009)
Top: Ann Taylor Loft ($20, 2009)
Black leggings: Lane Bryant ($16 on sale with a coupon, September 2009)
Boots: Ann Taylor Loft (2008)
Round onyx necklace: Marc & Pearl (2008)
Long necklace: H+M ($9.95, October 2009)
Black belt: NY & Co ($13, 2009)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

going through the motions...

Good morning everyone. After a night of kicking butt bowling I'm extremely tired today. :) I'm sure the 3 pre-bowling glasses of wine didn't help either.

I love this scarf. I actually bought it because it reminded me of a pashmina scarf that my mother let me borrow (her friend bought it for her in India). I knew that if something happened to my mother's scarf while I was wearing it she would be upset, so I bought one that reminded me of it.

Purple sweater: Ann Taylor Loft ($25, 2008)
Striped shirt: Lane Bryant ($9, 2009)
Gray pants: Ann Taylor Loft ($20, 2008)
Black flats: Nine West Outlet ($20, July 2009)
Scarf: Target ($15ish, 2009)
Necklace and earrings: Urban Accents in Milwaukee ($32ish, May 2009)

Monday, November 2, 2009

I hate taking photos with wet hair...

So I tried to get ready in a rush this morning, which resulted in a wet hair photo. Boo!

Speaking of boo, I hope everyone's Halloween was fantastic. We went and saw Evil Dead: The Musical, and it was amazing. :)

I'm not ready to be back at work, but such is life, and here's what I'm wearing:

Blue top: Target ($12, 2008)
Black top: Target ($10, 2008)
Pants: NY & Co ($20ish, 2008)
Shoes: Bandolino via Ebay ($10, 2008)
Long necklace: H+M ($9.95, October 2008)
Earrings and bracelet: Lia Sophia via Ebay (2008)

PS-I should have worn a jacket today. Oh well.