Monday, January 11, 2010

I should have worn longer sleeves today...

I got this silly idea that it was getting warmer today, and, well, it's not at all. It said 19 degrees on my car thermometer this morning...I also had a beautiful dress all picked out in my head, but then decided I didn't want to fight with tights this morning. Speaking of tights, I'm really wanting some hunter green and charcoal gray ones...

The weekend was a bit of a bust. My grandmother hurt herself (long story), we lost some time seeing Daybreakers, and my flash drive decided to die on me. Fortunately a certain large store was offering a free 4 GB flash drive for some reason, and we went out and got one for each of us. So I guess that's a plus. I was able to save everything from the old one so I'm not too distraught.

I'm not sure if I've talked about the bracelet I have on today. When D first moved up here we went out to a thrift/antique store and I found this bracelet and fell in love. I think the heart at the clasp is really cute. For some reason people often ask me if the bracelet has real diamonds but it's just the way the silver is cut (there actually aren't any stones in the bracelet).

I know I've mentioned the blue ring before but if you're new to the blog, I got in on my first work travel experience at a consignment store. It was quite expensive, but I love it and it's a reminder of some good job-related times.

My other ring is from the now defunct Marc & Pearl website. I really miss them.

Top: Ann Taylor Loft Outlet ($19.99, May 2009)
Blue top: Target ($12, 2008)
Black pants: Old Navy (2008)
Shoes: DSW ($40ish, August 2009)
Necklace: Ann Taylor Loft (no idea)
Blue ring: Consignment store in Milwaukee ($100, October 2008)
Marcasite ring: Marc & Pearl (2008)

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