Monday, February 1, 2010

And, I'm back!

Sorry for being away for a bit. I needed some time to get my stuff back together and recuperate. My grandmother is doing better. After over a week in the hospital and a misdiagnosis involving pneumonia they decided she has had undiagnosed congestive heart failure. So she's on medicine to help regulate things since 90 year olds can't get pacemakers.

I promised myself that in the time I was away from the blog I would take charge of my tripod-using skills. And...well...less than stellar results yes? Seriously, how do you guys do it so well? I'm not going to lie...I have googled these things and it is of no help.

So this past weekend I was in Houston, TX for work. That was exciting, and it's where my first picture is from. Well, technically I was at the house before leaving for the airport. And I'm really only including it because of the cat-in-the-box. But a picture it is. It's also the only picture from this weekend training because a) I didn't take any more and b) I wore the same pants and jacket with a different shirt the whole time. I even managed to fit everything into my carry-on, but of course I had to check it anyway because I put so many liquids in my hair. :)

I'd like to make a note about the jeans. I was browsing through the plus-size selection at nordstrom and saw these jeans on sale. They are by far the most expensive indulgent jeans I've ever bought. And you know what? I really do like the way they fit me. They are incredibly comfortable, they don't dig into my stomach when I'm sitting, they're the right length for flats, and they move with me. So, money well spent imo.
Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft ($33, January 2008)
Floral top: Ann Taylor Loft
Jeans: Michael Kors via Nordstrom ($65, January 2010)
Scarf: Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes: Nine West Outlet ($20, July 2009)

And here is what I'm wearing today. I wanted something easy when I was planning this all out last night and I forgot I bought this cardigan so I decided to go with it. I really think it looks a lot better in person. Although those three dark circles makes it look like a small meteor crashed into my stomach, which is quite alright by me. The shoes are the same mary janes that I got in the gray/black color from piperlime, except these are all black and shiny. I love them!

Cardigan: Lane Bryant ($30, December 2009)
Blue tank: Ann Taylor Loft ($12, December 2009)
Pants: Ann Taylor Loft ($20, 2008)
Shoes: Naturalizer Beacon via ($57, January 2010)

Endnote-I'm glad to start back into the blogging, and I can't wait to be more diligent about leaving comments on all of your blogs. Because I need to do that more often. :)

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Work With What You've Got said...

Love both outfits, and welcome back!~

I'm the worst about commenting. I swear some days I have JUST enough time to read and if I stop to comment I'd never finish, but I hate that!~ Because so many lovely people leave comments for me and it totally makes my day.

Cynthia said...

I am going to have to check my Nordstroms for those jeans! Thanks for the tip!

K said...

Thanks Erin! I'm glad to be back. :)

Cynthia-They are the "sausalito" style, if that helps. I hope you find and like them as much as I do! It looks like they still have them online, but only one size is still available.