Monday, February 22, 2010

you're living all over me...Dino Jr!

So today started off a bit rocky. I didn't sleep well, I couldn't get a good picture of myself, and I missed D because he was back in Georgia for the weekend.

So first, I kept cutting off my feet (and these are the boots I tried wearing to stretch the calves, so yay):
Then I kept lopping off the top of my head:Finally I decided to focus on the awesome tights, which I could actually get a picture of:
Isn't the detailing great? It reminds me of little mountains, although I'm not sure that's what Spanx was going for. It's a miracle I didn't stab my finger through them while I was doing acrobatic maneuvers to get them on...
But my day has gotten much better. Allow me to make an outline (in order of importance of course):

1) D is back :)
2) I got the best compliment ever at work this morning. A woman in the elevator told me that I looked great, like one of those people on "What Not to Wear". She was all "Stacy would love that outfit!" And I sort of shrieked and gushed about how much I enjoy WNTW and how I missed it this past Friday due only to my loss of time-telling skills. Anyway, that made my day. I might start living in this dress. Speaking of which, I debated ordering this dress from AT but they sold out of my size. I'm so glad I waited because I scored it for far less on (wait for it) Ebay! Added bonus-new with tags, originally $116!
3) Eating Five Guys for lunch. So bad, but so so good. :)

Black cardigan: Old Navy ($10, 2009)
Brushstroke print dress: Ann Taylor via Ebay ($35, 2009)
Belt: From another dress
Tiny mountain tights: Spanx ($14.99, 2009)
Boots: ($28, February 2010)

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Dustin said...

It's Dinosaur. How dare you confuse the classics.

Cynthia said...

That dress is so pretty on you! Great score on ebay! Have a great day!