Thursday, March 25, 2010

in the darkest of places...

First, let me apologize for the dark picture today. We had to drop my car off (again) at the repair shop so we left extra early this morning, which made for a rather dark picture. I tried editing it but it screwed with the colors too much (and I'm a crappy photo editor) so dark it is!

Ever since Erin brought up the question about multiples I've been thinking about it, probably a little too much to be honest. Most of what I wear has a twin in a different color somewhere in my closet. This dress? I've got it in purple. The boots? I own them in gray and brown, although you've only ever seen the black. The tights? I have two pairs of the same damn ones. The cardigan is the only thing that is a onesie, although I saw it on clearance for $14 last week and I reallllllly want to go back and get another one.

So why do I buy multiples? Well, I feel like I have such a hard time finding things that fit and make me feel good (shoes are the biggest example at the moment) that when I find something I like, I seek it out in multiple colors. On rare occasions, if something is on super clearance and it's the same color as one I already own, I'll consider buying it. I think part of this stems from being afraid that something is going to happen to the item, and I won't be able to replace it. Example: I bought a pair of $10 black flats on ebay and wore them to the ground. I mean, they had a huge crack and holes through both of the soles, I had to replace the ankle straps at least twice, but I only got rid of them recently. I took them to multiple shoe repair shops, but no one would fix them because they weren't real leather, and the cost to fix them was almost four times the price I paid. So I looked to replace them. I can't tell you how many black flats I tried on. But none came close to these super cheap black flats I found on ebay. It's been about 2 years since I bought the original black flats, and I have since found a pair that I'm happy with (yes, I bought two pairs of the replacement flats and I'm happy I did), but sometimes I still miss the old ones...

In the end, does it really matter if I buy multiples? I don't think so. It's not putting me into credit card debt, I still save more than I spend (ok, usually) and I am fortunate enough to be able to indulge in this multiple buying act without letting other things go. I mean, I've always loved ramen noodles. :)

Cardigan: Lane Bryant ($30, December 2009)
Blue ruffle dress: Old Navy ($10, Fall 2009)
Tights: Spanx via Ebay ($17.99, 2009)
Boots: Piperlime ($50, December 2009)
Necklace: grandmother's

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Cynthia said...

Love the blue dress today! I buy items in multiplies also.

Lesa said...

I love the cardi, I was looking for it too, but my local Lane Bryant didn't have it. Very pretty.

K said...

Cynthia-Thanks, I'm liking it more as the day goes on, if that makes sense. If I think about it too much I'm sort of embarrassed at the amount of multiples I own. I think my phrase for life should be "if the shoe fits buy it, in every color."

Lesa-Thanks! If you want me to I'd be more than happy to look in my local Lane Bryant stores for you if you're comfortable with that. I have two of them near me. :) Feel free to email me at yourlastapology at gmail dot com if you want me to look.