Wednesday, March 10, 2010

keeping calm, carrying on...

I'm sososo much more comfortable in today's dress. I almost feel like doing a little flamenco dance down the hall. Does it matter that I don't know how to dance? Of course not! I think it has to do with the red shoes. Or perhaps my happiness is due to the fact that I took my own pictures this morning and I'm pleased that I have finally managed to take a decent set of pictures! :)

So this dress is my first purchase from Kiyonna and I'm pretty happy with it (I got it for 30% off w/free shipping). I originally bought a size smaller than I wanted because they were sold out of my "ideal" size but fortunately it came back in stock by the time I got the first one in the mail and I was able to reorder it (and use the same coupon w/free shipping, woot!) I like the other print they have in this style a lot, but I'm not buying any more dresses!

I'm also loving these shoes (although we're only about an hour into the day so far). So far I have not tripped over myself or felt the need to change into my flats that I brought along just in case. D's sister and my cousin both got me DSW gift cards for the holidays/my birthday in December and I used them to buy 3 pairs of shoes, and these are the only ones that I ended up keeping.

I actually forgot I owned this necklace. Back in December of 2008 (I think) Liz Claiborne was having a huuuuge sale online and I bought a ton of jewelry for very little. I mean, the sale was something like an extra 75% off already clearance prices. So I think I paid all of $4 for this necklace. :)

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Moto jacket: NY & Co (B1G1 50% off $32, October 2009)
Dress: Kiyonna ($86, February 2010)
Tank: Old Navy (2009)
Tights: Spanx ($14.99, 2009)
Shoes: Chinese Laundry via DSW (gifted, February 2010)
Necklace: Liz Claiborne ($4, December 2008)

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