Monday, March 22, 2010

posing in the dark...

I tried lightening this picture for the background, but my legs really are that pale! :)
This is the dress I was going to wear on Friday with hot pink tights and black boots. I never thought I would find myself considering hot pink tights, but I bought some on clearance and I thought it worked with the tiny pink dots in this dress. This is also one of the dresses I got for a steal at Lane Bryant. I'm glad they sold out of my size on the website since I got a much better deal in-store :)

These shoes have been in and out of my thrift pile for the past couple months. I bought them thinking I would wear them with tights, but the bottom of the shoe is too slippery when I put on tights. Then I tried wearing them without tights and I thought the heel was too high for me to walk comfortably in, so I put them back into my selling pile. Well, I tried them on again over the weekend and decided I would try to wear them once before I tried consigning them. I really do like the shoes (and I've already gotten a couple of compliments, which is always nice) but they are definitely a full 3 inches in the heel. Here's a detailed shot if you're interested.

I hope you all have a lovely Monday!

Dress: Lane Bryant ($13, March 2010)
Tank top: Old Navy (2009)
Sandals: Nine West "Isleen" via ($20, November 2009)
Leaf necklace: Borrowed from my grandmother

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Work With What You've Got said...

Love that dress, and the shoes. Have your tried an insole? They make gel ones just for heels.

Don't know how you edit, but a lot of programs (I just use the microsoft photo editing stuff on my computer) have an option in the brighten edit area to "adjust midtones only" I adjust the heck out of my midtones. That might work for you, I'm pale too!~