Wednesday, April 21, 2010

these wooden ideas...

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Have you ever felt like you have to wear an outfit on a specific day? For instance, last night I put together two different outfits that I really liked, and then I put them away for future "casual Fridays." I mean, my company can be casual 24/7. I've seen everything from business casual to track pants on any given day. But when I dress myself, I (usually) still have this rigid idea that some looks are just meant for Fridays. Oh well. I guess they say to dress for the job you want. Even though I have no idea what job I would be striving for dress-wise :)

So why don't we talk about the outfit? I originally bought this cardigan in two colors and I returned the one color (light blue) because I convinced myself out of it. For a better shot of the embellishment click here. The tank is one I love but I often forget about (all of my tank tops are in a drawer so it's common for me to forget I have them). And the pants are in honor of the rain that's supposed to fall all day today.

We made it to the middle of the week. Hurrah!

Embellished sweater: Old Navy ($18, April 2010)
Ruffle tank: Ann Taylor Loft ($20, October 2009)
Black pants: Old Navy (2009)
Silver flats: DSW ($40ish, August 2009)
Necklace: Gifted

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Cynthia said...

Love the ruffles! Have a great evening!