Thursday, May 13, 2010

this is what happens when you forget to put a title...

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Our first kickball game is today, and we were supposed to wear our team shirt. I chose to wear our team color instead (purple) because the shirts aren't very comfortable, and I've been wanting to wear this shirt all week. I'm sure my team mates will give me a hard time (everyone is a bit, um, enthusiastic) but oh well. I'm still not sure about these skinny jeans. I feel good in them until I look at the pictures and it's like "Bam! Thighs!" :)

I probably won't have time for a picture tomorrow because I have to be up at 5am to take the metro into the city for an all day meeting with the Dept of Ed. So if I don't update tomorrow, I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Top: Torrid ($15.76, April 2010)
Tank: Old Navy (2009)
Skinny jeans: JCPenney ($28, January 2010)
Flats: Nine West Outlet ($20,
Necklace: Etsy ($20, October 2009)

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V said...

I really love that purple tunic, and yay for you for the skinny jeans....they look great together! I want a pair of leggings, but haven't budged yet b/c I can't find a great tunic, maybe I need to take a look at Torrid.

K said...

Thanks V! I'm not gonna lie, I have this tunic in quite a few colors. It's very soft and stretchy, which I like because button-down tops don't usually work for me. I think this exact top is still available on Torrid's website :) Good luck with your tunic search!