Tuesday, May 11, 2010

There's no promise of safety with these secondhand wings but I'm willing to find out what impossible means...

Today I'm pretty much a walking advertisement for Ann Taylor & Co, which I have mixed feelings about. I had a different outfit picked out last night but I'm having some foot issues that require open-toed shoes, so I grabbed my comfy jeans and threw on the shirt and jewelry before realizing they're all from the same place. :) I actually didn't mean to cut off my shoes but I really didn't have time to take a bunch of pics this morning, so if you're interested I'm wearing these.

I hope you all have a great day!

Everything but the shoes: Ann Taylor Loft/Ann Taylor Outlet
Shoes: Naturalizer Outlet ($40ish, 2009)

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V said...

I think these colors look great on you!

GatorGirlintheCity said...

Hi ! I'm a new reader. I'm also addicted to ATL (the store and outlet!). I also tend to be a walking Target ad. Those days, I tend to not want to go to Target so it actually saves me some money!

I do love your outfit though--I like it paired with jeans as my inclination would have been to wear a pair of boring black pants!

Please stop my blog if you can!

K said...

Thanks V!

Hi GatorGirl! Thanks for stopping by :) I know what you're saying about Target. I walk in for $5 in food and walk out with $75 in clothing (sometimes).

I've added your blog to my links. I love that you're taking pics as a couple. I wish I could get my other half to take more pictures with me, especially for the blog. :)