Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Black-Out Challenge Day 3: Going vintage!

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Can I tell you all how much I love today's outfit? Someone put this vintage dress up for sale at fatsionxchange and I snagged it as soon as I saw the leaf print. Then I couldn't decide what belt to use with it, and I tried this coral one on a whim and love it! And let me not forget the shoes. They're so sweet looking I sort of want to eat them! They're also fairly comfortable (and vegetarian leather!)

I hope you all have an pleasantly eventful Wednesday!

Dress: Livejournal Fatshionxchange ($28, June 2010)
Coral belt: NY & Co ($3, 2009)
Nude heels: Lulu's ($55, June 2010)
Coral earrings: Liz Claiborne Outlet ($12.95, September 2009)

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V said...

I love this too! So cute! I'll take it when you're done. :)

Sal said...

What a marvelously retro ensemble!

Lesa said...

Love, love these colors. the retro look is working for you. Well done!

K said...

V-Hah you'll have to pry it out of my cold, not dead hands! I kid, I kid. You're welcome to borrow it any time!

Sal and Lesa-Thanks! I own too many dresses, but this one has definitely secured a place in my top 3 favorites. I'm pleased you both liked it.