Tuesday, June 15, 2010

hang me out to dry...

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Hello all,

I was running very late yesterday so I didn't have a chance to make an entry out of yesterday's outfit. After I got dressed I noticed that I was having some sort of allergic reaction to something on my chest, and of course I was wearing a v-neck dress so I had to go searching for something that covered my chest without killing me in the summer heat. By the time I found a suitable Monday outfit (and realized almost everything I own is a scoop or v-neck on top) I threw up my hair up and ran out the door.

Today the redness seems to be a little lighter (I still have no idea what caused it). I think it's not very noticeable with the necklace over it, and as an added bonus I get to welcome the return of my favorite maxi dress from last year. I lovelovelove this pattern (which popped up on Cynthia over the weekend) but I find myself puzzled with how to style it. I usually throw a brown cardigan over it and call it a day, but today I went with something a little different and I like the result. :) How would you all style it?

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!

Blue wrap top: Ralph Lauren via Ebay ($24, May 2010)
Maxi dress: Lane Bryant (June 2009)
White tank: Ann Taylor Loft ($3, 2009)
Silver sandals you can't see: Target ($12?, 2008?-it was a while ago I think)
Necklace: Urban Accents in Wisconsin ($32ish, May 2009)
Rings: Stella & Dot ($37 each, April 2010)

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Natalie said...

Beautiful colors on you!

K said...

Thanks Natalie :)

Cynthia said...

Great dress. Love the blue top. Thanks for the mention.

Lorena said...

That dress/skirt is out of this world !
I am in love !

K said...

Cynthia-No problem! Great minds think alike and all that :)

Lorena--Thank you! I really do love maxi dresses.