Monday, June 21, 2010

I died so I could haunt you...

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Hi all,

This past weekend went by way too quickly. I feel like I got a lot of things done, but it's never long enough for my liking :)

Today's outfit is rather casual for a Monday, but it's so hot and gross outside that I find myself lacking motivation to get dressed. Does the heat screw you all up too? What do you do to beat the heat?

Striped top: Gap ($14, June 2010)
Black skinny pants: Ann Taylor Loft ($15, December 2009)
Black flats: Nine West Outlet ($20, July 2009)
Long necklace: H&M ($10, June 2010)

On a different note, remember the stuff I ordered from ASOS? Here are my thoughts.*

So, I ordered 4 things total: 3 tops and 1 dress. Let's talk about the dress first.
I loved this dress when it first went online and I admired it for months. The combination of pink/black and the rosette detailing was lovely looking. I thought it would look great with a pair of black tights and booties. Sadly, the dress and I were not meant to be. The colors and the rosettes looked just as good in person as it did on the website, but the length barely covered my behind. I did like that the back of the dress has smocking, so it stretched to accommodate my chest, but the length was scandalous. It would be helpful to know how tall the model is in the pictures to give reference.

Next up are the three tops I ordered.

So let's talk about the two white shirts, one with cute foxes and the other with a peacock. I think the designs are different and modern looking. The colors are much more vibrant in person (especially with the peacock shirt) and the length is great, particularly if you want to wear leggings as pants (I'm still not there). My problem is with the width of the tees. I know they're supposed to be over-sized, but I ordered the fox tee from their "straight" line and the peacock tee from their CURVE line, and both were huge. I'm either going to end up belting them, or wearing them as sleepshirts (I really do love the design that much).

The last top I ordered: sheer black with a picture of a forest. Again, the colors are very nice looking. Unlike the two white shirts, this shirt is very narrow (and I got it in the same CURVE size as the peacock shirt). Also, the black is almost completely sheer. The forest on the front makes it ok, but you can see everything from the back. I will definitely be wearing a black tank top under this.

So my final thoughts on ASOS: Their sizing seems to be rather inconsistent (and yes, I measured myself and went by their size chart before ordering). It would be helpful to know the model's height, especially if there is a "catwalk" video. I was happy with the materials but I would have to really fall in love with something to even consider ordering from them again. I like that you can return items overseas (at your own expense), but for me it wasn't worth it to return just the dress.

*I wrote this review on my own after purchasing the above items with my hard-earned cash, and was not paid/motivated/asked by ASOS to do so.

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Lesa said...

It is so hard to order things as there is such a difference in items, even within the same lines. I saw that cute Gap shirt you have on at the mall today, if I had known it was on sale I would have snapped it up, although speaking of online shopping, I am very frustrated with my mall gap, it seems as though everything is XS or S....

K said...

Hi Lesa,

I actually bought the shirt online with a discount code, which brought it down from $19.50. I don't know if you subscribe to Gap's emails but they sent out a mystery coupon today so you could order it online and get a discount. I will say that I think it runs big, and it is definitely longer than I expected, but it's incredibly soft and very comfortable in this heat. :) I might have to get another color at some point.