Wednesday, June 16, 2010

There's no glitter in the gutter. There's no twilight galaxy...

Hi all,

I'm not really feeling this outfit today. Skirts aren't really my favorite piece of clothing so I haven't worn this black skirt in a very long time. Skirts tend to turn around on me while I'm walking, or take a hike up towards my chest, or fly up with the slightest breeze, and it's much harder to wear any sort of shaping item under them so my chances of showing off my underwear are much higher. Do you all have any of these problems? I will mention that this skirt has two redeeming qualities. 1) It's not a plain black (there's a subtle pinstripe in there I swear) and 2) it has great pockets.
On the other hand, the top is a new favorite of mine. I got it on super clearance from Bloomingdales and it's by Rachel Pally, which to me means comfortable (usually expensive) clothing. I had never bought anything from Bloomingdales before due to the expense factor but I'm glad I got this shirt. Besides, who can say no to cute little birds? Pictured below is the same print on a dress (but mine has gray instead of "honey"). (credit)

I hope you all have a great middle-of-the-week day!

Green cardigan: Old Navy ($21, March 2010)
Bird top: Bloomingdales ($42, June 2010)
Skirt: Old Navy (2007 or 2008)
Shoes: Naturalizer via ($61, January 2010)

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Anonymous said...

Love your blog!! You have a fan in Southern Maryland!!!!

K said...

Aw, thanks! :)

Cynthia said...

I am loving skirts right now. I keep buying them for school next year.