Wednesday, July 28, 2010

coming home has never been so difficult...

Hi all! 

I'm back from our lovely beach trip and honestly, I've never been this sad about coming home. Normally while I'm on vacation I'm pretty excited about the trip home, sleeping in my own bed, and getting back into my routine. Then again my normal "vacation" is going down to FL to visit with my parents. I wasn't even this sad last year when we went down to Rehoboth. This beach trip was completely different. I want nothing more than to hop in the car and drive back to the beach and spend the rest of the week down there. Of course it doesn't help that the rest of my family doesn't come back until this Friday :)

Anyway, I don't have an picture for today's outfit but I thought I would share my favorite photos from the trip.

I hope you all have a lovely middle-of-the-week day!

 (click any photo to enlarge)
(I've always wanted a picture of this water tower on the way into Rehoboth, and I finally got it)

(The beach was beautiful on Monday. Saturday and Sunday it was too hot to even bother going down to the beach.)

(The beach was within walking distance from the house, which was great.)

(Here we have my grandmother, me, and D. We stay in what used to be an old farmhouse, built in 1927. My grandmother wasn't actually mad, she just didn't smile for the photo.)

I lived in dresses (I think I wore jeans once) and I only brought 2 pairs of shoes with me, one black and one brown, in the style above. Of course I bought 3 pairs of shoes at the outlets, but I'll touch on those in another post. Both the dress ($24.99) and the sandals ($14.99) are from Target.

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