Friday, August 13, 2010

ASOS improvements...

Since I'm home sick there won't be an outfit post today, but I did want to take a moment to talk about ASOS (again).**

Remember when I reviewed my last purchase from ASOS? I wasn't too happy about the fit, I would have liked to have known each model's height, and it annoyed me that I would have to pay for shipping both ways. So I pretty much took them off the list for my plus-size fashion needs. Well, last week I went back to their site just to poke around and see the sales. There were a few things I liked, but the shipping dissuaded me. Then I saw the banner at the top proclaiming free shipping and free returns to the U.S. Interesting, yes? Then I went to a newer product detail page, and I saw that they have started listing the model's height. Since they only use 2-3 people it was easy to figure out how some of their dresses would fall on me, even if the height wasn't mentioned in each and every listing (it looks like it's in the newer items).

With the free shipping both ways and the great sale prices, I decided to give ASOS another chance. Here are the two things I ordered:
Both the top and the dress were $13.48 each, which I can't argue about. Plus, if they don't fit I can send them back free of charge. Another added bonus? I got 3.5% back via Ebates. Score! In the interest of full disclosure, if you click on that link it will send you to Ebates via my referral and I will get credit for it.

I hope you all have an amazing Friday!

**ASOS did not contact me or give me anything to write this review. I don't think they even know about this blog. Just like the first time around, I paid with my own hard-earned cash and chose to write about it on my own without any outside motivation.

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Lesa said...

So very pretty, I love the top,and the prices--Wow! I hope they fit and we see them here soon.

Always Summer