Friday, August 6, 2010

finally, the end (of another week).

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Hi everyone,

Interesting fact-Yesterday's outfit was a hit at the car dealership. I got 3 compliments from 3 different men that said they loved the colors and that I looked really great. I totally should have worn a dress when we were actually buying the car.

 I'm so happy to see this week finally end. My coworker is back in town, my car should be ready today, and sleeping in is actually a possibility tomorrow. :) Do you all have any weekend plans?

Flutter cardigan: Fashion Bug ($17.99, June 2010)
Maxi dress: Lane Bryant (June 2009)
Gray tank: Old Navy (2009)
Sandals: Target ($13.98, July 2010)
Necklace: Kohl's (free w/kohl's cash, 2009)

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Christina said...

OoOoooOh! I love that maxi dress!!!! Its gorgeous! :D

You look super cute! :)

-Christina <3

Lesa said...

I am always so in love with your colors. I think it is because we have similar coloring maybe?

My weekend plan: pretty tame but I don't get out much: we are going to see "The Kids Are Alright" tonight and then have a pool day.

K said...

Thanks Lesa and Christina!

Lesa-I hope you enjoyed your movie :) I didn't make it to the pool this weekend but I hope to next weekend.