Monday, August 23, 2010

it doesn't feel like a Monday today...

Hi all,

Today doesn't feel like a Monday, but that's probably because I went into work on Saturday afternoon for a few hours (exciting!) Not that I'm complaining of course, it's a job and sometimes I like it, but as a result today doesn't feel like a Monday.

This top makes me feel like I'm wearing an ocean (or a marble). And I think this skirt is going to go in the ebay pile. I just don't like how I look in it. Marble shirt is a keeper though :)

That's all I've got for today. Hope you all have a good one.

Top: Ann Taylor Outlet ($17.84, July 2010)
Skirt: Liz Claiborne (2008? I don't remember)
Shoes: 6pm ($24, October 2009)
Necklace: Etsy ($30, June 2010)

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Linda said...

I like the whole outfit. So cute!

Sarah R said...

I thought the marble shirt looks a bit like the navy camoflage.
I like it. You're lucky you're allowed to wear open toed shoes to work. A lot of places don't.

K said...

Thanks Linda! :)

Hi Sarah! I never thought of a camo pattern, that's a good one :) My work is pretty casual. Jeans are acceptable M-F and I see flip flops all the time. Then again over 1,000 people work here so there's going to be a variety of dress going on. :)

The Fairy Glade said...

I like the outfit and can't see the problem with the skirt, is it the wrong length or material perhaps? Remember I ordered my first dress from ebay, well it has arrived, although I am actually visiting my Mother's at the moment and wont be home until tomorrow. I am really excited and might take a picture if I feel okay about it.

K said...

Hey there! I'm happy to hear your dress arrived and I hope you ended up liking it. You should definitely take a photo :)

As for my skirt, it's supposed to be dark denim but it always looks black to me (and I wanted a dark denim), it has weird stitches in the shape of "x's" going all the way down in about 8 rows, and the bottom is just too flared and I feel like it accentuates the wrong part of me. I've really only kept it because it was expensive and I wanted to get a couple of wears out of it :)

Have a good one!