Monday, August 9, 2010

this summer is flying by...

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Good morning everyone,

I feel like the time has just flown by. I mean, everything...the year, the months, the summer itself, this past weekend. Except the weekdays themselves. Those seem sort of long, especially around 2pm on Tuesdays (it's like really, another 3 days until the weekend?) Anyway, I'm not too sad about summer coming to a close with the heat and all, but of course it also means that I won't see my mom for another 5 or 6 months, the next beach trip is way too far away (fingers crossed that it still happens), and I haven't even started my holiday shopping. Last year I was much more organized and had most of my gifts bought by mid October :) Does summer bring any of your activities to an end?

So let's talk clothes. I own at least 8 skirts, and I hardly ever wear them. This one often catches my eye, but then I think "ugh, skirt" and go with a dress instead. Well skirt, today is your lucky day. For some reason this black top also gets overlooked in my outfit planning. Wearing it has reminded me how much I love the button detailing on the shoulders.

(this is the accidental "I'm a little, er big, teacup" outtake)

I hope you all have a lovely Monday!

Black top: Ann Taylor Loft ($20, 2008)
Skirt: Old Navy ($21, July 2009)
Sandals: Target ($13.98, July 2010)
Necklace: TroveDesigns via Etsy ($30, June 2010)
Earrings: Old Navy ($2, 2010)

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Linda said...

That skirt is adorable!

Natalie said...

You look very nice with your hair pulled back! Skirt is great too :)