Tuesday, August 31, 2010

timidly tuesday...

Good afternoon all,

Let me begin by saying thanks for the nice comments yesterday. It means a lot to know that other people are going through the same thing. :)

I keep telling myself to set the alarm 10 min. earlier so I can get some outdoor pictures before I leave for work but when you see my office in the background you know I've failed at waking up earlier.

So as you can see my bottom half missing from the shot, but let me assure you that you're not missing anything. The pants are my comfy pull-on ones from NY & Co and although they look black they're actually a dark gray with a herringbone pattern throughout. My shoes are just plain black naturalizer sandals with a little bit of height since the pants aren't quite short enough for flats.

Now for a change of subject...I've actually been avoiding talking about this because I'm annoyed. Remember my second order from ASOS? I got the the top and dress pictured below.


I was a little nervous because I went a size down for the top (they were sold out of the other sizes) and my normal size for the dress. The good news is, the top fits, Bad news is, the fabric shows every single bump and flaw and the color isn't all that flattering. But I'm keeping it because I think it could work under a cardigan (what doesn't work under a cardigan eh?)

The dress is a lost cause. It's way too tight and makes me feel like a sausage. See how it drapes nicely on the model? Well, not so much on other humans. Not to mention the weird construction of the dress. The lace part isn't even connected all the way around the dress so it's a bit confusing to put on or hang. Plus, even if I had gone a size up I don't think it would have worked. So my cousin (who is shorter and smaller than myself) is going to get it for Christmas. Because what else says "I love my family" like a sausage dress? Don't worry, she'll wear it. This is classy compared to her normal get-up (think of any female Jersey Shore character and you've got her pegged).

Anyway, I might be in the plus-size blogger minority here but I'm done ordering from ASOS Curve, no matter how much I love this dress.

Black cardigan: Fashion Bug ($12, March 2010)
Pink top: Old Navy ($15.75, June 2010)
Pants: NY & Co (2009)
Sandals: Naturalizer Outlet ($40ish, 2009)
Necklace: Ann Taylor Loft (2008)

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