Thursday, September 9, 2010

fall surprised me this morning...

Good morning,

How about some background? My grandmother is like a portable weather repeater. She hears whatever they predict the weather to be (on the news/radio) and then repeats it to us for the rest of the day. This goes on every day. "Today is going to be really windy" she says, or "It's only supposed to go up to 79 today. We're getting a cold front." Clearly her weather definitions differ from mine (a gust of wind is not always a hurricane grandma, nor is 70-80 degree weather "chilly"). All of this is to say that this morning I did not heed my grandmother's weather output (cold front!) and for the first time that I can remember, I wore something sleeveless to work. 

(I managed to detach my hand from my hip for one whole shot!)
Now, I am all about accepting your body, working with what you've got, positive thoughts, a slice of cheesecake is not the end of the world, blah blah etc...but I've never been comfortable showing my arms. All throughout my teenage years my stick-thin arms were hidden under flannel shirts and long sleeves.  When I gained weight during college (and um, ever since) I made sure to always have a stockpile of cardigans and sweaters to throw on over the numerous beautiful sleeveless dresses I own. But for whatever reason I just couldn't cover up this dress. And you know what? I think it looks great. Yesterday I saw no less than 3 coworkers with sleeveless outfits and thought "I'm going to do it! Tomorrow is going to be a sleeveless day!"

(Believe it or not, I am not wearing stockings...)
Aaaand it's 60 degrees out. So I wore a cardigan into work and took it off right when I got in the building. :)

Do you all have any body insecurities you'd like to share? How about overcoming them?

Happy sleeveless Thursday!

Dress: Lane Bryant ($30, March 2010)
Shoes: Sofft via DSW ($40, August 2010)
Necklace: Ann Taylor (2008)
Bracelet: NY & Co ($6, October 2009)

PS-I busted out the make-up guns again. I'm loving this urban decay primer!

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Linda said...

I love the dress and you look terrific in it! I know a lot of women with the same concern.

Iris said...

I think the sleeveless dress looks great on you!

K said...

Thank you Linda! I agree about lots of women having "arm" concerns. I'm much more comfortable with sleeves but one day won't kill me :)

Thank you Iris! :)

Bombshell Beauty said...

I'm so bummed that I never picked up that dress! You make it look fantastic. Very pretty!

Sarah R said...

See, I would have been scared of a print like that. But you look gorgeous!

Maria said...

You look great! the dress is so flattering on you and it's a beautiful print. I have the same issue with my arms, in fact I just mentioned that in my last post. I do go sleeveless a lot lately though because it's so hot here in TX, but it wasn't always like that. Your arms are fine though, show them off!

The Fairy Glade said...

I have a problem with my body from the neck down! Being BIG gives me lots of hang ups and as I am in my late 40's I most definately cover my upper arms. However, since have my "mid life crisis" and as a result of reading your blog, I have upped my hemline a bit. I have always ignored clothes that don't hit somewhere round my ankles and as a result, miss out on so many things especialy on ebay. so, big gulp, out with the hair remover and on with lashings of moisturiser. Still feel a bit conscious, but have purchsed several items described as calf-length and am going with it. No one at work has keeled over or looked in horror, so I guess it is just my inner demon. I think you look great as always. Particularly love the shoes. Heels are the next thing for me to tackle. I am very much a flat pump kind of girl.

K said...

BB-Thanks! If I see it on ebay I'll let you know :)

Sarah-Believe it or not I used to avoid prints (especially butterfly prints), but I'm glad I gave in to this one :) Prints aren't all bad!

Maria-I'm not sure how I made it through the FL heat without showing my arms. Thanks for the compliment!

Hey Dev-We definitely think alike. I was never into heels or showing leg until a couple years ago (I still don't wear shorts and I like heels under 3"). I'm happy to hear about you being a little daring with your hemline. Each step counts! I'm still very insecure about many things when it comes to my larger-than-average body, but I keep telling myself to make the best of what I've got. Some days it's a very uphill battle, but I try not to talk about it on the blog too much.

It's funny that you mentioned no one keeling over at work. When I walked by my older male coworker yesterday he did a double take, and it wasn't a "you look good" double take. I'm trying to convince myself that he was aghast at the paleness of my limbs, and not the limbs themselves. Hah!