Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I thought we were friends. I guess it just depends who you ask. These feelings tend to leave me with a hole in my chest...(alkaline trio)

Good morningish all,

I won this dress a few weeks ago on ebay and I've been looking forward to wearing it.** I really wanted to pair it with black shoes but decided to do something daring and go with....gray. :) And in the interest of full disclosure instead of a red belt I went with maroon. Craaazy!

My outdoor shots were pretty dismal today. I kept running into pieces of nature I usually try to avoid (webs, dirt, etc...) so I retreated to the kitchen. Apparently the floor really interested me!

I hope you all have a lovely Wednesday!
(if I stare long enough cookies will come out of the floor...)
**I'm so absentminded. I already wore this dress back in August, and completely forgot!
Dress: Merona via Ebay ($6.16, August 2010)
Tank: Lane Bryant (free, May 2010)
Shoes: Clarks via 6pm ($24, October 2009)
Belt: NY & Co (2009)
Necklace: Urban Accents in Milwaukee, since closed ($32ish, May 2009)

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The Fairy Glade said...

I love this outfit and the way you have accessorised with maroon and grey. Fab necklace too. Now have a total of 4 dresses from ebay, yippeeeee. Dev x

Iris said...

I love the pops of color with the neutral pattern dress, it's looks great!

K said...

Dev-Thanks! Congrats on your blossoming dress collection. We better not be bidding on the same dresses! :)

Iris-Thank you! I always want to pair turquoise with brown so I'm happy to change it up once in a while.