Friday, September 24, 2010

working for the weekend (again)...

Hey all,

The weather may not be nice and fall-like today, but I wore my fall inspired shoes anyway. I've only worn these once (cost per wear=way too high) but I love them and can't seem to part with them. For a close-up see this post.

All morning I wondered if this top would be considered work appropriate. See through lace is sort of showy, but in a coral color I feel that it doesn't look to stripteaseish...Right? Right....Anyway it's super comfortable for our sweaty weather today, and if a coworker freaks out at seeing my arm fat then that's their problem. Or something. :)

Happy Friday!

Lace top: Kiyonna ($15 during their super sale last week, September 2010)
Brown tank: Ann Taylor Loft ($12, December 2009)
Flats: Lovely People via PiperLime ($50, June 2009)
Necklace: Chico's Outlet (gifted, July 2010)

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Sarah R said...

I think as long as you wear something underneath like a cami, you're fine. I didn't look at the picture and think, "What a stripper." It looks elegant.

Dustin said...

Your posting of only a single pic is depriving the internet of much beauty, just so you know. You could make a dress made of pine cones look great. With a marmoset on your shoulder.

(Apologies to Bjork for insulting her next ensemble)

K said...

Thanks Sarah. I was just being overly sarcastic about the stripper part :)

D-It's about time you commented. :)

Linda said...

I love the lace top.

K said...