Thursday, September 2, 2010

Your teeth carry marks, pictures, stories and charts and biting that lip won't hide a lot...(pompeii)

Good morning all,

I'm not a huge make-up person, but today I decided to try out some red lipcolor. Perhaps it wasn't such a good idea when paired with coral, but it's still a small step. I stopped wearing my mascara months ago due to the heat, and I'm looking forward to fall so I can start wearing it again. Do your make-up habits change with the seasons?

Sorry to make this short but I'm working through lunch today so this is my only chance to update. Hope you all have a good one!

Coral cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft ($24, June 2010)
Black and white leaf tee: Ann Taylor Outlet ($17.84, July 2010)
White cami: Ann Taylor Loft ($3, 2009)
Black pants: Old Navy (2009)
Sandals: Clarks Outlet ($50, July 2010)
Necklace: Etsy ($25, December 2008)
Earrings: QVC via Ebay (2008)

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Kimberly said...

Love the mix of colors in this look! The addition of the necklace is great!

Can you email me at I need your email address for the Traveling Scarf! So glad you are participating!

Linda said...

Love the lip color. It really pops with the coral. Looks great!

Heather said...

Love the coral cardi with the turquoise necklace! Also, have you tried using an eye primer to help with mascara in the heat? I use Primer Potion by Urban Decay and it really keeps your eye makeup perfect even in the middle of a heat wave.

K said...

Thanks all!

Heather-I actually have that same eye primer and I tried it for the first time today. It really does make your eyeshadow stick! I didn't wear mascara but I'm definitely going to keep using the primer to keep my eyeshadow in place. Thanks for the suggestion!