Friday, October 29, 2010

a great Friday outfit...

(blurry, but more true to the color)

 Today's outfit was on the very casual side, but as I have mentioned, such is my work environment. I won this top on ebay right before I left for Milwaukee and I've been looking forward to wearing it. I envisioned pairing it with leggings and boots but the bottom is a bit tighter than I thought it would be (and shorter) so I think I'll stick with jeans...The necklace and ring are both purchases from my Milwaukee trip (it wasn't a lucky shopping trip clothing-wise for me but I got some great jewelry.) I actually bought this same necklace as a gift for my grandmother today (and only paid $7 for it this time!)

Do you all have any Halloweekend plans? Tonight I'm anxiously waiting for the return of What Not to Wear. Even though I disagree with Stacy and Clinton from time to time, I still love watching that show and watching all of the transformations. I'm also incredibly excited about the AMC show premiering Sunday, called The Walking Dead. It's a zombie series based on a graphic novel set that goes by the same name. I have been following the production shots/promos and the visuals look incredible. I guess you could say it's a TV weekend for me :) I hoe you all have a great weekend, and Happy Halloween!

Striped top: INC via Ebay ($15.50, October 2010)
Jeans: JCPenney ($28, January 2010)
Flats: Nine West Outlet ($20, July 2009)
Necklace: Ann Taylor Loft ($12.99, October 2010)
Ring: TJ Maxx ($24.99, October 2010)

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ThriftyMomma said...

I love what not to wear..your right sometimes they are wrong..also why do they always cut the woman's hair short..anyway love your Top!

Lesa said...

We are on the same TV wavelength. I love What not to wear although I think sometimes Stacy in particular crosses the line into being mean. C'mon, if we all had her body we would look great in a paper sack!

I love last night, not only because "natalie" from Facts of Life had such a bubbly personality, but it showed some great ways a plus sized person can look.

As for the Walking Dead, I dissmised it as a show my teenagers would like, but people magazine gave it great reviews, and since they will be watching it anyway, and I am a huge child, what the heck!

K said...

Thanks! I don't know why they usually go for short hair transformations, but I like this guy a lot better than Nick! :)

Lesa-I agree with you about Stacy. I felt like she got a disgusted/bored look while Natalie talked her experiences with plus-size shopping and that sort of annoyed me (although I could be misreading Stacy's attitude). I missed the last half hour of The Walking Dead but I really liked the beginning. :)