Tuesday, October 5, 2010

photos from a doorway...

Hi all,

Thanks for sticking around after yesterday's rant. Things are looking up today. I know that some people aren't here for lengthy reads, so I'll make today's post shorter :)

I saw this skirt on ebay a while back for $70 and bookmarked it because I loved it so much. It actually reminds me of something that Kim over at Fab Finds would wear (and that's not a bad thing!) I'm glad I waited because I got it for much less than $70. I can't wait to pair it with black tights and booties/boots.

Happy Tuesday!

Black top: Ann Taylor Loft ($17, 2008)
Rose skirt: INC/Macy's via Ebay ($10, October 2010)
Black moto jacket: NY & Co ($32, October 2009)
Shoes: Naturalizer via Shoebuy ($61, January 2010)
Long necklace: Ann Taylor Loft ($10, 2009)
Studded bag: TJ Maxx ($40, June 2010)

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Sarah R said...

It's a really nice color.
Is it wrong that I laughed at your DMV story? I have one of my own; I wasn't allowed to get my driver's license this year until I could prove I was married. And the court house lost our marriage license at one point because they spelled our last name wrong. It was laughable but drove me nuts.

ThriftyMomma said...

Very pretty! some time I wish you would tell what key words you put in ebay searches to find these great clothes. When I type in plus etc...I always get old lady clothing to look at...lol

Iris said...

I love the bag... woo hoo hardware!

K said...

Hi Sarah-Thanks! It's quite alright to laugh. My mom went through something similar to your story. She's been married for 40+ years and when she renewed her license this year they made her bring in her marriage license, even though it was so long ago. The DMV is not here to make our lives easier, that's for sure.

Hi Thrifty! I'd be more than happy to share my ebay techniques. I'll start working on that for a future post.

Thank you Iris! I had been looking for a studded bag for a while and when I found this one I just couldn't pass it up.