Monday, October 11, 2010

She blinded me with science (and pale legs)...

Good morning everyone,

How was your weekend? I managed to rearrange all of my shoes, so I'm feeling pretty accomplished. I even have a whole bag to consign/ebay.

So I wanted to ask you all a question. I'll be out of town all of next week, and I'm trying to think of some topics to schedule while I'm gone. Is there anything you all would like to hear about? Right now the only thing I have in mind is a post about my ebay methods.

Without getting into too much detail, my work will be taking me to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a training. It's our last year of training (this is the third year I've been involved), so my coworker and I decided to leave a little early and fly into Chicago and see the city for a couple days before heading over to Wisconsin. I don't travel a lot so I'm really looking forward to it. If anyone is in the Chicago/Midway area and you have suggestions about eateries/shopping let me know :)

Happy Monday!

Black top: Old Navy (2008)
Dress: Avenue ($36, March 2010)
Shoes: Lulu's ($55, June 2010)
Necklace: Kohl's (free w/Kohl's Cash, 2009)

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Thriftymomma said...

Love that Print! Fantastic...hmmm well you could leave a post about how you decide what to pack. I always have such a hard time packing and take way way to much.

K said...

Thanks! I'm a terrible packer, but I'll do a post on it :)