Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm a winner!

Hi all,

I think I may have mentioned this little tidbit before, but until recently I have never won anything in my life. No radio give-away games, no random drawings, not even prizes at the carnival games. So when ThriftyMomma had a giveaway for a beautiful handmade crocheted necklace, I entered and didn't get my hopes up. Well, I actually won, and not only did she send the necklace, but she also sent a great maroon sweater! So that's the sweater you see in today's outfit. The necklace will be debuted later this week. :)

In other exciting news, I straightened my hair last night, and I think it's the first time I've straightened it since starting the good 'ol blog. It takes me about 45 minutes to complete the whole process, and I have a hard time sitting myself down and getting through it. I think the main reason I spent the time on it was to avoid doing my statistics homework :)  The good part is that it will last for at least 2 days (if I avoid any potential rain) and it makes getting ready in the morning so much easier! I've been using the same straightening iron since college, and I really do like the results. As my coworker told me this morning, I look "naturally straight haired" instead of fake. I love my work.

 One last thing-I think I may have found a great leather jacket. If it doesn't work I'm giving up on finding one. The jacket is the "leather funnel jacket" from the Gap, and I got it for a great price during my "oh shit I must shop with the awesome 30% off discount" period last night. Originally $298, on sale for $199.99, took 30% off  for the Give/Get deal, then took another 15% off because ON/Gap screwed up an earlier order of mine, and then I had a $20 rewards certificate to use. That made this beauty about $100! On one hand I'm annoyed with myself for spending $100. On the other hand, my fingers are triple crossed and I'm hoping it looks good on me. Stay tuned!

Happy Monday!

Maroon sweater: Sent by ThriftyMomma (November 2010)
Floral top: Old Navy ($11.55, August 2010)
Pants: Target ($18, September 2010)
Brown flats: Frye via DSW ($22ish, 2008)
Necklace: Gifted (July 2010)
Earrings: Stella & Dot via Ebay ($35, June 2010)

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J said...

Loving the straight look!!!

Iris said...

Your straight hair looks gorgeous. For me, I think it's worth the time to blow it out because it lasts longer than a curly does. I hope your jacket looks fabulous, it was such a great steal!

ThriftyMomma said...

Love the sweater of course! lol....I thought I'd send an extra little surprise plus it was to tight on me so I figured why not give it to someone who would use it. Love Love Love the straight hair! mine is always straight and I long for curls...I guess we always want what we don't have :)

K said...

Thanks J!

I agree Iris, it's so much easier to style and go in the morning. When I wear my hair curly I have to wash it every day and it really is more work. I might have to start some sort of routine with straight hair :)

Thank you (again) for the sweater TM! You guessed well on the size :) My hair used to be thick and wavy, and after I permed my hair in middle school it just sort of kept curling. I often wish for naturally straight dark brown hair :)