Tuesday, November 30, 2010

a rather neutral Tuesday...

Good morning all,

Days like today make me a happy office-job dweller. It's cold and rainy without any signs of clearing up, and I'm happy to be inside with my artificial lighting and lack of air circulation :)

On to the neutraltastic outfit (although I did add red boots, a purple tank, and my colorful scarf). I recently bought a lovely cream colored cowl neck top from Ann Taylor, and I wanted to wear it with these brown pinstriped pants. Unfortunately, the top was too see through for my comfort, even with an added layer underneath. But I really liked the color combo. Then I remembered owning this particular sweater. It's a couple years old and I think I have it in 4 colors. The Loft doesn't seem to make sweaters like these anymore (it's perfectly soft, stretchy, and it's fit me plus or minus some pounds). Discontinued clothing seems to be my trend this week.

Happy Tuesday!

Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft (2008)
Purple tank: Old Navy (2010)
Brown pants: Gap ($41.65, August 2010)
Red boots: Ebay ($12, September 2010)
Long necklace: Lia Sophia via Ebay ($11, July 2009)
Scarf: NY & Co (2010)

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Linda said...

Red boots? I want to see!

Sarah R said...

Loving the scarf!

Allison said...

I think the red and purple add a nice pop of colour! I was also happy to be inside today - it rained here too.

K said...

Linda-I forgot to take a better pic of the boots last night. I'll get one for you though! :)

Sarah-Thank you!

Allison-Thanks! I originally added a yellow scarf but then I remembered I had one with orange red that would go nicely. Today is another day for my office work (crazy wind and rain). :)

Iris said...

That scarf is so awesome, I love the way it's pops with this outfit :)

K said...

Iris-Thanks for all of your nice comments! :)