Tuesday, November 9, 2010

welcome to my Tuesday post ;)

 Good morning all,

I hope you all had a good weekend. I spent mine hanging out with Brangelina and Mr. Ben Franklin, among others. We took D's sister to Madame Tussauds in DC and had a really good time. Have any of you ever been to the wax museum? I couldn't believe how life-like most of the statues looked. It felt like their eyes were following us the whole time.

Today I'm a bit sick with a sore throat (and a lost voice) so I decided to go with a comfortable cardi/pants outfit. 

Happy Tuesday!

Wax museum outfit:
Moto jacket: NY & Co ($32, October 2009)
Striped tee: Lane Bryant ($16, November 2009)
Jeans: Target ($20.98, August 2010)
Sneakers: Vans via DSW (2008)
Necklace: Ann Taylor Loft ($12.99, October 2010)
Scarf: Old Navy ($10, 2010)

Tuesday's outfit:
Leopard cardi: T.J. Maxx ($20, June 2010)
White top: Ann Taylor Loft (2008)
Black pants: Old Navy (2008)
Black flats: Nine West Outlet ($20, July 2009)
Red belt: Relic via Ebay ($15ish, October 2010)
Pearl necklace: Gifted (July 2010)

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Iris said...

Yeah, the wax museum is creepy... perfect place for a horrow movie.

I love your outfits though :)

Lesa said...

I always love animal print with red. but don't they know that Angelina always wears black...lol